Day 1 Menu

Salad bar, Caesar salad, Tomato salad
Spinach with pears, walnuts and cranberries and a wasabi blue cheese dressing,
Red lentil soup


  1. Stuffed Pork Loin
  2. General Tsoa Chicken
  3. Orange Ginger Grouper
  4. Basmati Rice
  5. Smashed Red Potatoes
  6. Grilled Veggies
  7. Vegetable Medley
  8. Tofu with Cranberry Chipotle
  9. Red Quinoa
  10. Pasta with Fresh Herbs and Sundried Tomatoes
  11. Grilled Chicken
  12. Baked Stuffed Tomato
Assorted dessert squares and cakes
Fruit salad

Day 2  Menu

Salad bar, Caesar salad, Rancho Waldorf salad
Chicken Lime Soup


  1. BBQ Steak
  2. Chicken with Roasted Red Pepper and Feta
  3. Jerk Drumsticks
  4. Salmon Teriyaki
  5. Carrot Fried Rice
  6. Rosemary Roast Potato
  7. Tofu with Honey Dijon
  8. Macaroni and Cheese
  9. Broccoli with Bruschetta Mix
  10. Roast Veggies
  11. Brown Rice
  12. Grilled Chicken

Assorted squares, fresh baked cookies, cakes
Fruit salad

Day 3 Menu

Salad bar, Caesar salad, Grilled Veggies and Blueberries over mixed greens with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing
Carrot Ginger Soup


  1. Sheppard’s Pie
  2. Pork Jambalaya
  3. Corn Flake Chicken
  4. Haddock with a Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade
  5. Roasted Sweet Potato with Sesame
  6. Rice with Red Beans
  7. Veg Medley
  8. Green Beans and Mushrooms
  9. Mushroom Tofu
  10. Pasta with Pesto
  11. Brown Rice
  12. Grilled Chicken
Assorted home baked cupcakes, squares and cakes
Fruit salad

Day 4  Menu

Greek salad, Caesar salad, salad bar,
Spinach salad with radicchio and orange
Soup  ... Roasted Squash and Sweet Potato


  1. BBQ Beef Ribs (cooked on location if possible)
  2. Chicken Thighs stuffed with asparagus and cheese, wrapped with prosciutto
  3. Chicken stir-fry
  4. Crispy Fried Grouper with an avocado mayonnaise
  5. Rice with sweet peppers, oregano and cumin
  6. Scallop Potato
  7. Fettuccini Alfredo with Portabella Mushrooms
  8. Bok Choy Medley
  9. Baby Carrots with Green Beans
  10. Black Bean Tofu
  11. Couscous
  12. Grilled Chicken

Bread pudding, assorted cakes and squares
Fruit salad

Day 5  Menu

Cucumber and carrot salad,
Grilled mango and red peppers over mixed greens with a strawberry mango vinaigrette dressing
Caesar salad, Salad Bar


  1. Roast Beef
  2. Oven Baked Chicken with Lemon Zest
  3. Chicken Breast with a Poblano Pepper Sauce
  4. Grilled Tilapia
  5. Pasta with Mushrooms and Zucchini with a Red Sauce
  6. Mashed Potatoes
  7. Rice with Coriander
  8. Baked Turnips and Carrots with a Dill Cheese Sauce
  9. Grilled Veggies
  10. Veg Medley
  11. Red Quinoa
  12. Tofu with Cactus and Green Tomatillo
  13. Grilled Chicken

Assorted pies, squares and cakes
Fruit salad

Day 6  Menu

Spinach salad with mandarins, mushrooms and toasted almonds
Taco salad, Caesar salad, salad bar
Black bean soup


  1. Steak Fajitas
  2. Chicken Fajitas
  3. Veg Fajitas (faux chicken available as well)
  4. Refried Beans
  5. Mexican Style Red Rice
  6. Sweet Potato Soufflé
  7. Broccoli Cauliflower Medley
  8. Beer Batter Fish
  9. Beef and Noodles
  10. Brown Rice
  11. Grilled Chicken
  12. Quesadilla station
  13. Guacamole, chips

Rice pudding, assorted pastries (from the Mexican bakery around the corner)
Dessert squares and fruit salad

Day 7 Menu

Grilled pineapple and red pepper with mint over mixed greens with a sesame soy dressing, 5 Bean salad, Caesar salad, salad bar
Soup...Corn Chowder


  1. BBQ Pork Ribs with our homemade bourbon bbq sauce
  2. Tamale Pie (beef picadillo with a cornmeal crust)
  3. Teriyaki Grilled Chicken
  4. Basa with Balsamic Fig Sauce
  5. Roasted Roots
  6. Rice with Lemon and Dill
  7. Peas with Basil and Spinach
  8. Baked Zucchini and Tomato
  9. Veg Medley
  10. Pasta Putanesca
  11. Brown Rice
  12. Grilled Chicken

Home baked apple crisp, assorted squares and cakes
Fruit salad

Day 8 Menu

Grilled nectarines and toasted pumpkin seeds over baby spinach with a yogurt dressing
Caesar salad, Caprese salad, Salad bar
Soup....Pistu de Provence


  1. Roast Lamb
  2. Beef Stroganoff
  3. Butter Chicken
  4. Chick Pea Curry
  5. Salmon with Hollandaise
  6. Saffron Rice
  7. Lemon Roast Potato
  8. Parsnip and Carrot Soufflé
  9. Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Peppers
  10. Veg Medley
  11. Quinoa
  12. Grilled Chicken

Fresh baked tarts, assorted cakes,
Fruit salad

Day 9 Menu

Pineapple and black beans over mixed greens with a mango vinaigrette
Salad bar, Caesar salad, Bulgar Wheat Salad
Soup....Tomato basil


  1. Steak and Mushroom Pot Pie
  2. Chicken Breast with an Amaretto Cream Sauce
  3. Grilled Drumsticks with Bourbon and Molasses
  4. Sesame Seed Haddock
  5. Thai Tofu over Noodles
  6. Roast Potato with Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper
  7. Rice with Herbs, Peas and Carrots
  8. Grilled Veggies
  9. Creamed Carrots
  10. Beets and Kale
  11. Mediterranean Pasta
  12. Quinoa
  13. Grilled Chicken

Fresh baked Maple custard, assorted cakes and squares
Fruit salad

Day 10  Menu

Roma tomatoes, peppers and red onion over baby spinach with a balsamic feta dressing
Salad bar, Caesar salad, Santa Fe salad


  1. Baked Ham with a Triple Sec Glaze
  2. Meat Balls
  3. Spaghetti with Olive Oil and Basil
  4. Southern Fried Chicken
  5. Blackened Catfish
  6. BBQ Tofu
  7. Dirty Rice
  8. Snap Peas with Sesame
  9. Veg Medley
  10. Cauliflower with a Cheese Sauce
  11. Fried Green Tomatoes
  12. Brown Rice
  13. Grilled Chicken

Banana flambé (on site) assorted squares and cakes
Fruit tray